Sorafenib 200 mg

Sorafenat Tablets manufactured by Natco Pharma India contains Sorafenib Tosylate 200 mg as active ingredient in it. Sorafenib is a targeted therapy. Sorafenib is classified as a, Tyrosine Kinase inhibitor, Angiogenesis Inhibitor, VEGF inhibitor.  Sorafenib is a multikinase inhibitor. It works by helping to stop cancer cells from growing. Sorafenat 200 mg Tablets Natco contains ingredient Sorafenib in it. Sorafenib is also used to treat hepatocellular carcinoma (a type of liver cancer) that cannot be treated with surgery and a certain type of thyroid cancer that has spread to other parts of the body and cannot be treated with radioactive iodine.

Sorafenat Tablets Nexavar

Product Details:
Brand Name: Sorafenat 200mg
Contents: Sorafenib 200mg
Form: Tablets
Strength: 200mg
Manufactured By: Natco Pharma Ltd
Country Of origin: India
Shipped From: India
Packing: Pack of 120 tabs


Sorafenib 200 mg Sorafenat Tablets Uses:
Treatment of advanced renal cell cancer
Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC)
Thyroid cancer
Note: If a drug has been approved for one use, physicians may elect to use this same drug for other problems if they believe it may be helpful.

How Sorafenib 200 mg Tablets is given:
As tablets by mouth.  
It is recommended that tablets are taken without food (at least 1 hour before or 2 hours after eating).  
The amount of sorafenib that you will receive depends on many factors. Your doctor will determine your exact dosage and schedule.

Side Effects of Sorafenib Tosylate Tablets:

Hand - foot syndrome (Palmar-plantar erythrodysesthesia or PPE) –skin rash, swelling, redness, pain and/or peeling of the skin on the palms of hands and soles of feet. Usually mild, starting 5-6 weeks after start of treatment. May require reductions in the dose of the medication.